Friday, October 21, 2016

Motion Pictures (Pt.1)

"I'll take a ticket for one, please."

Kei uttered as he approached the ticket booth within the theatre, where the immortal feline rested with her eyes half closed. Avina had all but claimed the small room, rubbing against the objects that rested within it. The booth was littered with theatre paraphernalia, such as papers, pens, old documents, and of course, rolls of tickets marked with different shows on them.

"One of what exactly? I never understood what this place was for since I never mingled with people." 
Avina replied, pawing at his fingers when he slipped them under the small curved opening in the window.

"Well, back in the 1800's this place was for live entertainment, from what I gather. It was renovated in the 1920's to play motion pictures. Nowadays, it's been like this ever since they abandoned it."
Kei replied, recollecting what he had found in records nearly five years back when he had stumbled into the building and made it "home".

"A motion... picture?"

"You've never seen a motion picture?" Kei's head tilted some. "You pay for a ticket, you go inside, and you watch the show or movie that's playing."

As exciting as it sounded, Avina was apprehensive.
She came from an era where such things were witchcraft and heavily frowned upon. Perhaps that was another reason why she avoided people, to avoid watching the one thing she hated enhance as time progressed.

"I used to sneak into the theatres when I was younger was younger and lived on the streets, use what change I had to get some popcorn," Kei commented.

"Oh...Salem was not so prosperous. The town held Puritan beliefs; women had to tend to the house and children, and the men would have to support their families. That was the law and ethics back then, singing and dancing weren't proper for any lady or man."
Avina explained, phasing through the glass and pressed her nose to his empty nasal socket.

"I suppose your world was a hell of a lot different than it is now, huh?" He commented, running a hand along the stray's back admirably. "I know there's an old movie camera around here somewhere, I'll find it and get it running. How does that sound?"

"Almost alien." Avina purred when Kei stroked her back. She then jumped down and began to search for the camera. The technology was also a foreign concept to her.

"How do those mechanical monsters on the road work?"

Kei meanwhile headed down the main aisle between the theatre seats, heading towards the stage. "Cars? They run on a burnable substance called gasoline. You push down on the pedal, it sends gas to the engine." He replied. 

How long had it been since he drove a car? It certainly wasn't legal at the time.
Avina grasped the concept of it but didn't understand a few terms, like a pedal. It was nothing like a bicycle. She dropped the idea and continued to search for the old camera, eager to watch moving pictures.

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