Sunday, December 25, 2016

Every Day's A Struggle (by Seth Shimura)

Seth was gone for most of the day, sitting outside the theater as people gave either money or food to the pitiful teenager. One woman, in particular, placed a brand new, black hoodie on his lap. He nodded in thanks and proudly wore it for the rest of the day, even inside the theater when he returned.
Kei didn't pay much mind when the kid disappeared from sight- he tended to do that anyway, and he didn't mind the silence. When he returned, however, he looked up from where he sat in the front row of the theater chairs. 
"Where the hell have you been... and what is that?"

Seth froze where he stood, keeping his gaze away from Kei. He frowned and trembled, not knowing what to answer. Instead, Seth fled to his room, closing the door behind him. The biggest mistake he could ever make.
By the time he shut the door, it was like a timer was set... no doubt his not answering was enough to trigger Kei, and it was a matter of time before he was going to come in and blow the door off its hinges. On top of that, the man was injured, drugged, a little buzzed, and just downright irritable.
"...When I ask you a question, you fucking answer.
SLAM. Kei's fist on the door. It swung open a moment later, the mercenary's pure aggression in his movements enough to make up for that expressionless face of his.
"Answer me. NOW. Where the hell did it come from!?"
By the time Kei kicked the door down, Seth was curled up in a corner, clutching his hair and closing his eyes tightly. "Nowhere!" Seth yelled back with a broken voice.
The sound of his boots coming closer was evident. All of a sudden a hand grasped the boy's throat, and he was pulled up onto his feet and shoved against the wall. His hand kept a rough grip on his throat, forcing his jaw up to face those hollow sockets of his.
"You little fucker, Don't  you dare lie to me." He growled.
"A GIFT! IT WAS A GIFT!" Seth shrieked, trying to keep his answer clear despite his hands clasping his neck. He was on the verge of tears, keeping his eyes shut, refusing to look into Kei's eye sockets. Seth's hands grabbed Kei's wrists
Kei pulled him away from the wall, only to push him back against it hard enough to rattle his brain. 
"From WHO?" He yelled, which would echo through the theater through the open door.
"A woman!" Seth cried, tears rolling down his cheeks. His grip on Kei's wrists loosened.
"Her name. What did she look like?"
He snapped, relentless in not giving him hardly any time between questions... not that he didn't have a clue already to who it was. If he was right, he hadn't seen said woman in a long time. The question lingering in his head now was why.
"I-I..don't know! Silver a dress!" Seth was a mess in his hands, weeping and sniffling. He remembered that the woman mentioned something about his biological mother.
"Mama..." Seth muttered with a sniffle.
Kei snorted before he could continue, his grip still just as tight. A venomous snicker came from his fanged jaws that could only mean terrible things to follow.
"You call her a mother? Let's face it, kid, she fucking dumped you here! Like it or not... I'm the closest thing you've got, and you aren't going to get any pity from me because of it.
One last hard shove back and he released the boy, letting him fall to the floor. He turned around and walked out, letting the door slam behind him as he stormed off.

Seth curled up and wept on the floor after having pulled the hoodie off of him. He would lay on the floor, cold and shirtless. "Not a mother....dumped. " Seth repeated these words until he fell asleep where he lay

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