Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hunter Society Psych Exams (Pt. 2)


Designated Hunter: Alicenne D. O’Malley

Trainee: Jason A. Hale

Examiner: Dr. Shimura

After time some time of Jason's own session, which Pam excluded as barley info on the man and decided for a second opinion, the stale woman decided to take it upon herself to get more information from the therapist, that being that Alice herself was to go in and give the correct and honest opinion on her thought of the man, despite having given them in the room. Alice grit her teeth upon hearing it, her therapist or not, she was not glad about this. She was done with those days and here she was treading down the halls to yet another fucking one.

She all but slammed the door when she entered. Him being there or not. Stepping on in to see the damage. Pale walls, starch smell, too many books to make said person feel abundant in the world. Ugh. Where was the fucker anyway? Get this over with.

On the contrary, the walls were all of different color. One dark red, one a dandelion yellow, another a deep blue, and the last a leaf green. However, two walls, opposite to each other were covered in shelves of neatly stacked books of different thickness and color. The spacious room smelled of lavender, a smell his wife once loved and he'd grown to love too. There he stood beside the enormous window that brought in sunlight to light the room, Jason's file in his hand. Seth checked his watch on his wrist. "You're early. Do you like the beach, Ms. O'Malley?" Seth inquired, his free hand slipping into his pocket. Then suddenly, the image of sunlight filtering in changed to different pictures respectively. "Maybe you prefer the forest? Or maybe even a snowy evening? But sunlight is scientifically proven to make people healthier, or at least, just enough." Seth turned to her now with a small grin on his lips, seeing how she changed her hair. "Please, take a seat- er, I don't someone to frisk you, do I?" He asked with a chuckle.

Alright, so the colors weren’t that bad. Perhaps an idea in her head of how she remembered every other office she'd ever been through. At least there were colors to actually look at. Her dark eyes scanned the walls curiously then to the man standing there. "Am always early here. Means I can leave quicker." Alice stated coolly though her voice held a sting of venom. "I like moonlight." As much of a morning person as she was, she did enjoy moonlight swims. The sunset reminded her of pumpkins, the warm orange color was pretty. Alice grew silent when he turned around, she knew him.

He looked familiar. Same nose… her photographic memory was putting pieces together, a draconian smile playing on her lips. "Aye, yer the lad Kei raised. Good to see ya raised up like ya did." Good thing he didn't become a hunter, she'd heard what happened to his wife, his kids needed him. "Ya frisk me am bitin' yer ear off." She sat down as commanded, crossing a leg over her knee. "Git'on with it."

"As you wish." The room became relatively dark with the gentle glow of the moon flooding into the room. The lake beneath it, surrounded by tall pine trees, shimmered, reflecting light to dance along the walls. Seth glided over to his desk, placing Jason's file on his desk and picking up Alice's. "Indeed I am, never felt anymore grateful to leave that theater." He answered, turning the knob on his timer to 30 and gave her a chilled water bottle from the small fridge beside his desk.

When Seth opened up her file, it took him a minute or two to go through everything. "They tried to fix you, hm? They must have been dreadful people." He muttered, then walked over to his seat and sat down with his ankle laying on his knee. "Normally I'd tell my clients to start from the beginning, but there's no need. I am just as aware as you are that there are monsters that exist and walk among us. You have a list of disorders written here, but this diagnosis seems rather dated. Have they been acting up at all?"

The moment Alice's eyes set sight on that file she was tapping her fingers against her arm in agitation. She wished to rip her teeth into that file. Dammit Pamila, why dig that fucking thing out? All of her records have been cleared. The HSHQ went MIB on things, they made sure her identity was clear from the world, all except for that big ass file with all her failed attempts to become normal. Her narrowed eyes followed him to the seat as he sat. Foot twitching in the air as she slumped in her own seat. "We aren't here fer me, we're here fer Kei." She stated. As Pam had told her. She told her Alice, you're to give your background on Jason. You'll give your input and how you feel he's well enough mentally for the hunters, as you once were.  Alice had been reluctant to agree but she did. Now why was she being questioned?

"I'm aware, but you're here and so is your file. It won't hurt just to talk now, will it? I'm not those Christian, power-hungry therapists now am I? I understand where you came from and I'm not asking you to change. What I'm curious about is this sister of yours. She's a demon causing havoc, and isn't it your job to stop them?” Seth went straight to his own topic of discussion, skipping the small talk he would usually provide. "Do you still think there's any human left in her and why? After all these years you still think she can change?" He knew he was berating her with questions, but he wanted them answered before he moved on to Jason.

"Ya don' talk about me fuckin' sister, ya got it? She's a fuckin' monster an' am bloody killin' her." Alice hadn't even known she'd sat up. Her hands had slapped down on the desk and she was hovering like a wolf ready to ravage his kill. "Am no' schizophrenic, er delusional. Aye, am bi-polar, got me chronic anger," obviously, "anxiety. I admit I am crazy. But we're no' here fer some feckin' checkup we're here fer Jason. Now ya wanna start talkin' aboot him now?" Her breath fell when she slapped her ass back in that seat. Wild eyes and clenched teeth. Nerve hit. Extremely hit.

Her other therapists may have panicked or cowered at her uproars, and others may have as well, however, Seth remained stoic. Some of his clients had thrown the beverage he had offered right back to him, but that never made him wary that he offered a possible projectile. "Speaking of Jason, Kei was a chaotic demon as well at one point, you never stopped to think of killing him too?" He inquired once more.

Alice snorted, turning her eyes from Seth. Her lips pursed with anger, brown eyes cast anywhere rather than at him. Even she was surprised at this, she'd not been this angry about such things in a while. "Aye? Yer a demon to, arn't ya, lad? Am I killin' ya? Trick is to justify monster from other. Yer no' a monster. She is. Point simple." Kei was a monster... "An' I have killed him. Several times in fact."

Seth had no doubt that she may have urges to at this very moment. "Then why haven't you killed her yet? Does she slip out of your grasp?" Seth rose from his seat to place Alice's file down and picked up Jason's from the drawer. "Now about Jason. He wasn't willing to cooperate at first, but after bringing up his past, he's willing to change. He merely manages around his problem rather than facing them. I leave that up to you, if you can influence him through your coaching to get through his obstacles than around them, then I'll leave a good review for Pam." That was simple as if he had been expecting his coach to appear like a parent after they heard their kid did badly on a test and begged for extra credit.

"She's elusive. Always playin' games on me parents an' tellin' me she'll tell the truth. Ya know what? Don't matter. No' here fer me, remember?" Lord how many times did she fucking have to say it. Was here for Jason. That was it. Stop changing the fucking subject. She relaxed when her folder was put down, however. Good. Off her ass about it. "Like he havin' any other choice with me? Got him pissin' himself enough. Don' need ya tellin' me how to do me job now."

"As long as you're here and that timer hasn't rung, we can talk about anyone or anything on your mind without any judgment. That can include how you feel about me, is there anyone else that's been getting on your nerves recently?" Seth was now leaning gently against his desk with his arms folded.

Timers never lasted long with Alice. Back in the day if they so much as pissed her off once the timer was nonexistent. The only thing that counted was whose nose broke first and what security guard it was. "If ya last so long," Alice growled, rooting back to her times as a child to when these little talks turned into a stitch session in the clinic. "Besides yer sister? No. None at all." Had he ever acknowledged Agnes as such? They were, after all, siblings. In an odd way... Cousin, uncle... blah. Several people annoyed her. Same a Cambian, a vampire; two actually, she got herself into bad places. It was how she was.

"Hm, I see. I've never met my half-sister, and I don't ever plan to." Seth put plainly. "To reiterate, teach Jason some manners, and also stick with him. Some of the bad choices he's made are because he's been alone all this time, so review his judgment thoroughly." With that, the timer rang. Seth ceased the alarm and exchanged an amiable grin. "Thank you for your time, Alice. Everything we've discussed will remain confidential." He ushered to the door, holding it open. "Have a good day.”

Alice scrunched up his nose. Telling her to stick with him like she wasn't already. She could have turned this around. She'd been in enough therapy offices to know how they worked and seduced people into their mind games. Alice knew how to play those games too, but let’s not torment her therapist now. "Aye. Sure it is. Like others have always said." Yet there was her file. All filled with her goodies and tortures. She sat up, did not smile back, and walked through the doors without a second glance back. This better not be a normal thing.


Seth Shimura

Alice D. O'Malley

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