Friday, October 21, 2016

Death List

         Cause: He was incinerated. 

2 - protecting Shikoba.     [Read Here]
          Cause: He was impaled several times.
                       Died of blood loss. 

3 - while pestering Skya.     [Read Here]
          Cause: He was incinerated, as well as
                       Crushed repeatedly afterwards. 

4 - At the hands of Veridia.     [Read Here]
          Cause: He was tortured and ripped to shreds.
                        ...Literally to shreds. 

5 -  Lost against Qahnarrin     [Read Here]
          Cause: He was kept alive while slaughtered.
                        Passed out from pain, died of blood loss and trauma. 

6 -  "Silenced" by Naomi Shimura     [Read Here]
          Cause: Acute spinal trauma, fractures in a few different sections
                        ranging from the base of his neck to lower back. 

7 -  Executed by Λnubis     [Read Here]
          Cause: His spinal column was ripped from his body
                        starting from top to bottom. 

8 -  Mauled by Creo.     [Read Here] 
          Cause: Prior injury mixed with agitating the canine.
                        Countless Lacerations, ultimately bled out. 

9 -  Shot at point blank range.     [Read Here]
          Cause: He doesn't quite remember...
                        He knows his death was almost instantaneous. 

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