Friday, October 21, 2016

Karma Has A Name


If there were a god, he was bound to never meet them. If there were a god, he was almost certain that he wouldn't want to meet them. If there was a devil, well... he knew the bastard was probably rapping their fingers against their desk, just in wait for him to arrive.
No matter what way you could put it, he saw no point in believing in something that just wasn't cut out to work in his favor. 


A little thing called  KARMA.
Something where, 
if it were the truth, and if it were to catch him, hell itself would turn tundra within an instant. The wrath of it would come down on him harder than anything ever had before with the list of sins under his belt. If one were truly keeping count, the devil and god might even step back and bow for karma to do her own lawful justice.
"Do unto others, what shall be done to you."
Kei had done a lot of things, unto a lot of people. 


It was something never meant to happen. Never in his wildest dreams, nor his worst nightmares which, was more believable than the prior. Not in a million years. When the time came, Jason's face had fallen with a look of near-horror. Who knew a few words or so could even do that? Words in which, to the say, he still wishes he had never heard. 

"Jason... I'm pregnant. It's yours."

Blue eyes stared towards Naomi for a moment that seemed like an eternity. The gaze started off as vacant. As time passed the intensity grew with the seconds. 
It was supposed to be one drink. One drink between friends.
After that, it was supposed to be one night.
A night, which come morning ended in horror on their part. 
That's another story, kids.


He didn't.
He should have had a hand out to help her. Instead, that hand was clenched into a fist at his side, along with the other. He should have kept his mouth shut, but hell knows he couldn't have done that. No. He should have just gone home for the night. But he didn't. He was ruthless. His words were spat with toxicity laced within them. Not an ounce of anything remotely close to compassion came from the man.


Karma really is a cold-hearted bitch. 

A force to be reckoned with. 

Karma also has a name. 

Her name... is AGNES.


But it wasn't. He couldn't fully recollect just what happened when he woke up in a dimly lit room. First instinct at realizing he was sitting upright, he tried to move. He couldn't. As he came to, Kei soon realized he indeed was upright, sitting in a chair. The texture of cold metal under his arms solidified that reality as he looked down to see his wrists bound to the armrests in front of him. As were his ankles to the legs of the chair. 

This wasn't good.

A figure had approached and to his immediate surprise-
She bore the same hollow sockets as he, inky blackness peering towards his own vacant stare. Deep down, if Jason would have shown his blue hues, disoriented. Startled. Nonetheless, this skulled appearance gracing his presence was not of feline. It was a different beast, all the same. It soon withered and faded away just as his own skull had the tendency to do.
Her mother's overall appearance, subtle yet traceable features from her father. Crimson eyes laced with malice that had some unsettling feeling seeping into his person. Excitement? Most startling of all, however, were the old, rusty, heavy framed metal scissors that rested in her hand. Kei's ears had flattened against his skull.


"Do you think it would have changed anything, if I were there or not, kid? Do you think I asked for this to happen? Your mother cut my goddamn heart out of my chest that morning and you think I would give her any goddamn sympathy? Hell, you should be thanking me for even being here."
Kei's frustration and anger did wonder in hiding the fear in his voice, an area where his curse would do little wonders. What the skull did mask was his vision, boring down on the scissors resting looped through the girl's fingers.
Whatever was about to happen...
it was going to hurt.

"I don't owe you a damn thing, prick! And you're not my father. At least I would have had the chance to know for myself if it was better or worse, but you left her to do it herself! I was on these streets alone when I was eleven years old when she kicked me out!  Do you know what it was like, do you!?"



His hands clenched on the chair.
His head tilted back against it as if to brace himself early for whatever onslaught was to come from her footsteps coming nearer and nearer to her, scissors raised now.

Holy fucking shit...
He watched onward helplessly as his fingers were pried apart no matter whether he resisted the action or not. fuck. His ears pinned close to his skull as she succeeded. There was no stopping her as-

The initial wound brought a jolt of pain through the mercenary's nerves, a chill running down his spine only to be replaced by something far worse. It was like fire to his senses as he howled out in pain a mere second after she had begun. While Agnes took her time, she also would not slow for him. Soon the scissors moved to level themselves to the next. 

Then the next. 
Then the next. 
Kei's body seemed to go into shock each time bone was crushed, his daughter's strength likely inherited from the demon blood gifted by her mother. Said strength meant that appendage by appendage, Kei's body shuddered as they were cut cleanly through. The mercenary would not cry out nor beg for mercy... for some reason or another he deemed it to be no use. 


His eyes had permanently shut after so many fingers, or rather, the vision behind those sockets had dimmed to darkness to the like effect. His chest heaved, slumped in the chair breathless as blood dripped in thin strands into a bucket upon the floor, each finger to cause a small thud within it at his feet. He was stuck somewhere between numbness from shock and the red-hot throbbing pain of the fresh wounds.
When he would try to look upwards again, he was greeted with darkness. By now, even as his curse had been suppressed his vision was dark as something covered it. Something metal. He couldn't be certain to what, nor were the words she stated afterward remembered. His chest rose and fell heavily before-


Only muffled yelling was heard as echoes underneath the metal bowl that had been used to transfer the voltage through him. The screams carried on for several minutes on and off before power was finally cut and the now-broken man sat slumped in the chair, still. The metal bowl was lifted to show a grotesque appearance beneath, eyes half open, face contorted in something well past pain. She had been smart to begin with. Stopping at his brink of consciousness either by luck or trial and error. Who knew. His eyes caught the glimpse of her standing before him yet. The only differerence was the object now settled in her hand. 
A sledge hammer. Settled over the girl's shoulder ever so casually. 

The utterly sickening sound of metal crunching bone on its way through. This was the last view Jason remembered as the end of the hammer drew closer and closer. The briefness of an unpleasant sensation, then black.


Jason awoke in an all too familiar setting. Trees overhead marked it to be wooded region. He recognized it as the area between the city and the old Shimura residence, where Naomi had lived since long before the event had ever happened between the two. Sitting up from the ground where his body had been dumped haphazardly, he shook violently as hypothermia had set in from laying waste upon the ground for so long. How long had he been there, anyways?



To his relief, the woman would not come downstairs to check for some unannounced visitor at her door. He wouldn't have known what to do if she had. Upon searching through the closet just inside the main doorway of the two story house, Jason found what he was looking for. A long, black trench coat was eagerly pulled over his shoulders within the span of the door opening and closing. Soon enough he had begun the long walk back to the city again. 

This would be the last time he would ever approach the old house again.

KARMA has a name. 

And to Kei,

Her name is AGNES.

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