Friday, October 21, 2016

The Theatre (Pt.1)

Setting: Rheimann Theatre
Time: Mid-Late 1800's

Dimly lit were the lights within the corridor of the theatre, a grave foreshadowing to what was to come that night, symbolic of the rain that fell outside the bustling streets.
Streets, which wavered greatly from their present time in which Jason had ever even been thought of. The walls of the theatre held not even a cobweb nor a collection of dust upon its surfaces, not a single crack dancing along the roof. The building was void of stray cats, missing chairs, and broken lights as it rested in the current day.

From behind the curtains, a nervous hand pulled them apart a crack to look outwards, her hair in black ringlets that framed a porcelain complexion. The woman wore a magnificent dress of raven colored silk and lace, accenting her small frame which begged the question of how she walked in such a thing. She looked to be around eighteen or nineteen perhaps, her eyes a soft blue color. 
"Oh~ ...where is he?"
Her softened voice uttered as she scanned the seats and balconies while time was still allotted. Despite her fears, the woman stood atop the world in such a place, knowing the curtain would soon rise and she would greet an eager audience of hundreds of faces, most she had never seen before, nor would she again. On the edge of the stage, the orchestra played their final song, the vibrations of the instruments that had once filled the room coming to a slow and steady halt to silence. Soon enough the woman felt her heart jump as the lights flashed on like a permanent strike of lightning in the room, that remained to blind her for a moment as she stepped out.

Within the audience came cheers of many, like a deafening roar. The woman's soft blue eyes swept over the crowd, where her eyes would eventually land upon a balcony to her right, upon the top level of the theatre hall. Much to her dismay, it's chairs were empty among the others that rested packed to their capacity.
"Oh~ Kei-, where are you..?
The distraught feeling remained in her chest as she pursed her lips, glancing over to see the orchestra conductor eagerly awaiting her cue. Willing her expression into a smile, she would step out to the center of the stage where the lights blinded her once again. As the low hum of violins filled the building the woman began to sing, her voice as sweet as honey as it rang out, gentle enough to soothe even the most savage of beasts, as her dear Kei had once told her.

But... of all nights, where was he?
The performance soon ended as the last song had been sung, her voice softening until her lips were no longer parting, signaling the end. As the music stopped she looked out once more to see the theatre erupt into applause, those in their seats standing in ovation. A smile graced the woman's lips as she watched, bowing her head. Still, she found herself laced with sadness as she glanced up to the empty balcony once more.

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