Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's Fourth Death


Kei could hear the scream of the demoness only vaguely in his mind as his feet struggled to stay upon the ground, a cold hand hoisting him up by his throat roughly. That icy coldness crept through his system, burning his skin even at being in close proximity to the reaper that held him there.

The woman was an angel of death,
a dark figure with an energy that was blackened,
blazing around her figure. 

It was Kei that had interfered with her hunt, standing between the reaper and Lussuria, whom had been one of the few Kei had grown to tolerate as company, and now, it seemed he would even stick his neck out to protect her.

As the woman's grip on his throat tightened an uncharacteristic cry of pain came from the rouge, whom grasped at her wrist viciously, his knees buckling underneath himself. Her claws cut into his neck, the coldness that bit his skin burning him to the core, making him writhe as his body grew weaker and weaker.

The rouge had been burned alive, once before. 
Impaled many times and left to bleed out. 
He had even felt his ribcage collapse.
Nothing compared to the angel of death, her aura peeling away at his being, his body deteriorating merely at being within her midst...

Kei hoped for a quick death, though he did not receive such a thing.

Within the next few moments, Veridia would pull slowly on his limbs, a horrid scream coming from Kei, though soon enough he couldn't muster the strength to continue it. The further she went, the more evident it was that she was going to tear him apart. His head had tipped back, his jaw opened wide as he could do nothing but remain contorted in pain and suffer as he felt the greatest pain he had felt in his life.

Give me a hundred more deaths...
Just NEVER let me feel that again.
Kei was finally silenced as the angel at last tore his heart from his chest, taking it's last few beats before he was truly free from the torment. The theatre floor pooled with his blood, and by the time she was done, he could hardly be determined among the mess. 

Slowly, piece by piece, Kei's remain fell into piles of ash. Said pieces would slowly work themselves closer together to begin manifesting him from the ground up. His bones formed, at the same time muscles, fibers, and ligaments would create themselves as he healed. Skin stretched over muscle.
As he healed however, the pace wouldn't last forever. As soon as his heart started to beat shallowly, it would slow it's pace considerably. By the time Kei regained consciousness, there was much work to be done still. Ligaments were attaching themselves, muscle still growing, his skin mending itself where each tear had taken place. 

Imagine it as the growing pains you had growing up. 
Only horribly, horribly worse. 

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