Friday, October 21, 2016

The Curse

The Beginning

The demon's story surprisingly starts out in a human form, and not as 'Kei', but a man named Jason. He lived a fairly normal human life, though still laced with drugs, sex, and an occasional murder as he was never a saint, even back then. He spent his life on the streets starting at the age of fourteen or so. By the end he was a kid in his  twenties that was pissed off at the world.

Needless to say he was a punk.

His body type was still strong, muscular, though marked with less scars than it is within the present. Jason had a strong, proud jaw he received from his father, his cheeks gaunt giving his face a bit of a shadowed presence. The man had a resting stare that could be taken as intimidating. He still wore his hair closely shaved on the left side of his face, the other side left longer, a blue color from dying at the time he had wandered into the theatre building. His eyes were a light blue, though they would not be seen for long.

THAT woman...

"Oh Keeeeei~!"
"Dammit Ophelia what did I tell you!?"

Despite his behavior and destructive ways there was always a woman that followed him obsessively. Her hair in black ringlets, having a ghostly pale expression, the woman's name was Ophelia.
Over a thousand years old, the spirit of the woman was transfixed by Kei to the point of obsession when she first laid eyes on him. Her demeanor was eerie and sinister as if she was a spirit that never made peace with her passing. She was known as "the mirror ghost" for her ability to trap and warp the souls of others.
 She would often appear at his side with countless attempts to win him over. With every passing attempt he would only push her away bitterly. Little did he know that impatience built up inside Ophelia. Finally after another try at winning him over, Kei had snapped.

"What makes you think that anyone would love a creature like you!? Why couldn't you have just died and passed on like any other ghost?"
These words cut through Ophelia like a knife when they came from Kei's mouth in a tone filled with spite, a sound of hatred that shook the spirit. In the moments after the air around the two was silent. Finally he watched as the woman's figure trembled with a mixture of sorrow and anger at the words. It was then Kei had sealed his fate. 

"You beast! H-How could you!?" 

Ophelia had shrieked, in a voice from her Kei had never heard. The room became dark and the paint peeled off the walks before she had pushed him back against the walls. Suddenly, Kei's vision went dark.

Kei's body felt numb when he woke up, a throbbing pain in his skull. The woman was long gone. Sitting up, when he reached up to rub his head he suddenly froze. 

"What the hell..?"
His fingers were greeted with the hard, worn surface of bone rather than the skin he expected. Stumbling up from where he sat he went to the nearest mirror he could find. A horrific scream came from the man at what waited for him in his reflection.

"O..Oh god... w-what did she!?"

Kei's legs felt weak, his stomach turned in disbelief, his hands touching the mirror as if it would brush away his appearance. He would eventually drop to his knees, shaking and unwilling to believe it. 

He remembered Ophelia's final words that rung in his head.

"Well then~ If you want to act like a demon then I will make you a demon! Sweet dreams my dear Kei~"

The Curse of Death

The woman had since disappeared, though left Kei cursed with his demonic appearance that truly matched his soul. Within the curse lies another form of suffering: he will never die of a natural death. Rather, he is cursed to die of unnatural deaths nine times before he can rest peacefully in his grave.
As a result, this curse has made Kei a bit more reckless, and only spurred on his psychopathic tendencies.

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