Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's First Death

The demon remembered looking back as he ran, agitation at the woman that still hunted him with an impressive speed from behind. He cursed himself as he looked forward. His pursuer was a demon of sorts. A mage. A menace that had gone beyond his expectations in which he now found himself running. 
The chase had lead him out of the streets of the neighboring city and into the forest residing close to the city limits. He was in her territory, not his. He didn't have much choice but to keep moving now.
Looking back again Kei ducked as a ball of flames came towards him, hissing back at the woman before grabbing another branch and swinging himself higher. He hardly saw it coming as another inferno came, glancing back just in time to drop from the branches onto the ground.

The last thing that Kei remembered was heat. He smelled the burning of flesh, hardly given time due to the temperature before he fell to the ground. His skin was scalding, his body covered in 3rd-degree burns, some Places his skin was just black. His sight  was soon to follow, becoming dim until there was nothing.

What he remembered after that was sitting up from upon the ground, glancing around absently. Looking up with one of his menacing snickers, having risen from death and seeing the woman's face grow pale at the fact.


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