Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hunt 2: Psychological Report - [Alice]


Designated Hunter: Alicenne D. O’Malley
Trainee: Jason A. Hale

Examiner: Dr. Shimura

Once Jason had left, he knew Alice was soon to arrive as well. In that time, he put away Jason's file and pulled out Alice's. He cleaned off his desk of any notes from the prior session, the buzzed to the receptionist to allow Alice to enter. When she eventually did, he offered a small grin to greet her. "Welcome, Ms. O'Malley. Please, take a seat and relax." Seth walked over to the mini-fridge beside his desk. "Soda or water?" He inquired.

"Neither." She snapped. She had rather unceremoniously planted her ass into the chair presented to her, and she did not smile back. She knew for a fact this man didn't give a single damn. Part of her even thought he did this, got into this job just so he had that opportunity to get into either Jason's or her own head. for the hell of it, for the fun of it. She was still trying to figure this guy out, and like any other natural girl in her state she did not trust him, but Pam thought differently. Thought she needed help understand the breakdown that happened. What the fuck ever. "Go." She demands, eyeing him to begin the torture.

Seth shrugged. "As you wish." He grabbed her file on his desk and sat on the other leather seat close by. "Alright Alice, I'd like you to tell me what happened in this hunt you just came back from." Seth knew already, but he wanted her perspective. He was aware Alice didn't want to be anywhere near this room, probably even greater than Jason and Agnes combined. She had a bad history with therapists, but he wasn't anything like them. They refused to believe in the supernatural, Seth was part of the supernatural community. A demon giving a therapy session to a human. Up is down. Black is white.

She stared long and hard at him. Did it really matter who and what he was? The fact was that he was exactly what he was. A person who sat down to listen to other people talk and bitch about their lives for the 'good of the other person'? Oh hell no. She knew this facade all too well. "Ya already know. Me side of it? I didn't know. Thought to kill her dead. No. Someone else had to do it. Ya know who." She waved her hand. "She now is dead; all evened out." She leaned back in the seat. "Yer move."

Your move? Seth sighed, he knew where he stood in her mind. "Alice, I'm here to help you. It might not seem like it, hell, I might even look like a villain, but I'm not analyzing you. We're just talking, but the longer you stall, the longer you sit there." Seth glanced at his watch. "You're the last person I'm seeing today, so I have all day." He actually had a couple of hours before he had to go home and make dinner for Daisy. "So let's talk Alice. How have you been holding up since the end of your hunt?"

A challenging smile played on her face, devilish yet passive. Like she was daring him to uphold his word on that. Would he dare? "Ya wanna make me sit here then, lad? Ya wanna try?" Would she bust out in a fight in this room? Yes, that was a short and easy answer. Yes, she would and she didn't care for the consequences. She didn't want to fucking come but Pamela; great boss, ain't she? Demanded that Alice come. That with everything going on with her sister and now this Alice was going off the end but even she couldn't see it. Or maybe she refused to. "I don' need yer bloody help an' I don'wann fuckin' be here. Am fine. Just like I told Pam. Am fuckin' fine. The last hunt was great. Was done in a day. Smooth as a skelped arse." Right. "From then am great. Next hunt, here we go!"

Seth pulled out a small device from his pocket. He pushed a button that made the door make a clicking sound. Now they were both locked inside. Seth placed the device back in his pocket. "As far as my information goes, you weren't fine, and it was a mess. There's a reason why Pam sent you both here." There was a pause as Seth thought to himself. "Why are you trying to distract yourself with more hunts? You don't let yourself reflect, the girl that died looked alike Agnes, did she not? How devastated do you think Kei felt about that, and you're just going to brush that off?"

Her ears perked at the sound of the door locking. Her challenging gaze never left her eyes and it only sparked the fire for her fuse. Instantly her mind started going on hunter traits, things that she could kill him with if need be. The pen would injure, she could break the leg off of the chair and stab him with that the books could be used for bashing, just need to find one with a strong enough spine to take it. How quickly her mind was going now she chose to ignore his first statement. Pam wasn't her fucking mom and she needed to stop trying to be. The next one got Alice's attention and she zeroed her gaze on him. "I was there to comfert him when he needed it an' he did it fer me. What happened that night is now left to be there, no bringin' it up. Time passed. Brushed off? Sure. But am no' fer gettin' mushy so ya could get that off yer mind right now. Just like me, he an' I are fine."

"Fine is a very broad word. You could say you're fine right now, physically anyway, but you're not. You're annoyed, being fine is the most common lie to ever say." He stated just for her information. "We both know you broke that tough shell of yours, but what triggered you?" There was another pause. "If you answer five of my questions, and if I think they’re responded wholeheartedly, then you may leave. Even the slightest amount of sarcasm and I get another question to ask." She was being difficult on purpose, and so would he.

"Fine is fine." She fought back now with bite in her voice. Her cheeks hollowing as she sucked them in and bit down on the insides of her mouth with annoyance. She could always just knock him out and take the remote from him. She didn't bring any of her guns, and he might have beat the living shit out of Jason but she was trained, how well of a fight could he think to hold when she went full ballistic on him? Nails and teeth kind of shit? She could get him as easy as a fuckin' fly. "Well then, boyo we bein' here all night; aren't we? Sarcasm is me middle name. But sure, take yer pokin'. See how far ya get there without her soddin' teeth knocked oot yer mouth, damn dit." She paused there, let him take that insult then spat out. "Triggered because of it remindin' me of me mum. As ya know. Ya read me file. Next."

"Why did you let Jason shoot the girl dead if you knew the damage it would do to him?" Seth inquired.

"I blacked out after seein' any of that. Cannae recall until me came oot of it an' she was already dead."

"Why did you bring Neseva with you on this hunt?" The questions were coming in one after another.

She scoffed at this one. "Kids' gotta learn. Hunt is a hunt no matter what it be. She wants to be a hunter it's what she has to do."

"So you go into dangerous situations not caring how they affect others, even if it could scar them for their lifetime?"

Was it five questions yet. She regarded this one in a monotonous voice. "Ya live an' ya learn. Life ain't meant to be pretty an' dandy. Took me losin't that as a kid to learn."

"And it has affected you," Seth stated. The next one was the last question. "That tough shell of yours will break again, you're not fooling anyone. Don't you think it's only a matter of time until it breaks again, or will you black out and let someone else do the dirty work for you?" He retrieved little information from her, Jason was more of a help. It was difficult to speak with her, especially in this setting.

She sat forward in her seat and shot a soul burning glare at the demonic man. "They had to learn just as I did as a kid. Am no' supposed to babysit em. They need to do things on their own. He needed to learn that no' everyone cannae be saved an' so did she. My matter of the situation don' matter. Took me twenty-faur years to break once, an' it will take that many to do it again. Am no' worried aboot that. Like anyone else shouldn't be."

Once Alice finished her answer, he stood from his seat to walk over to the timer and turn it off. He took the device from his pocket and unlocked the door. "As promised, that's all for now, Alice. You may leave." He said as he was putting Alice's file away.

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