Sunday, November 26, 2017

- A G N E S -


"Where'd you get that mouth of yours, anyways?"

Following a night of drinking that Kei doesn't entirely remember, the result was Agnes, his heathen of a daughter that somehow takes after her old man way too much for his liking, despite him not being around for even a minute of her upbringing. One thing is for certain: Agnes is the epitome of karma in Kei's life. Meeting her for the first time when she was fifteen resulted in a rather brutal death as a result, as his offspring shared equal enthusiasm for the fact that the two are related. 
Their general encounters usually lead towards gunfire and an eventual fatalist, on either side. Yet generally this never leans in Kei's favor. Other encounters come easier and the two manage to be more civil. Although it took three years after for Kei to own up to his mistakes, the two have reconciled for the most part... or in the least, they have come to a stand still... though that is something subject to change by the day. The cat is careful around her. Knowing danger when he sees it, and they're two different opposing kinds of crazy in comparison to one another.  All in all, he holds mixed feelings for his daughter. While it was something he'd never asked for, she is the only biological family he's got.

"If I had my pistols, I'd shoot you in the fucking face right now." 



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