Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's Ninth Death

He came in like a LION...

...and out like a lamb.
[Kei's Final Death]


He didn't see it coming... 
he had let his guard down utterly and miserably, leading to a swift downfall.


At point blank the bullet smashed it's way through Kei's skull, fracturing the bone as it showed no mercy going through, painting the back seat of the car a darkened crimson color... his body sat upright for a mere moment before his jaw hung loose, the rest of him going limp as his head hung downward, drops landing in his lap as death welcomed him back once more like an old friend.

He remembered little pain past the initial impact before everything had become dark... he hadn't even had time to show an ounce of fear at the moment in which had terrified him ever since his curse, death after death, and after every drop of blood that he had shed in the last four-plus years.

To date, Kei doesn't remember the nature of his death due to how the injury had occurred. He doesn't remember the driver's face, the last words he had spoken... not even seeing his friend present reach the same fate moments after

However, he does remember a presence being felt, oddly, as well as what happened next. 

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