Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's Eighth Death

The street lights were dimmed as the evening had given way to the pitch black surroundings of night, the city streets quieted to the subtle hum of a handful of passing cars. However, it wasn't here, among the lingering activity that the rouge found himself. Far from it, as long as he had anything to say about it.

It was in the rundown neighborhoods and side streets that he found himself instead, walking through the back alleyways. As he walked, the scent of blood followed him, some his, some from a foreign source. His hand being clamped tightly over his side, Kei walked slowly... whatever he had partaken in that night, there was crimson slipping between his fingers where he held the wound. If he waited any longer to get home, it wasn't going to matter if he bled out on the pavement. 

He wasn't alone, nor did he go unnoticed. 

From the same alleyway hid a beast, unaware to Kei's presence just as he was to it's. The canine was tall at the shoulder, pitch black other than the markings well known to it's breed. It's dark eyes had locked onto Kei as the scent of blood wafted from his figure... it wasn't until the canine let out a deep bark from it's chest that he was aware of it's presence himself. 


Kei paused whether he wanted to or not, hunched over some as he accommodated his wound. By the way it was spreading outwards, perhaps it was the entry point of a bullet, or a stab wound... either way, every minute it was posing a greater and greater threat.
His ears flattened now, as his train of thought was interrupted by the canine before him, proving him wrong. 
Fuck. He had much bigger problems at hand.

Anxiety came off him in waves, likely doing little to improve his situation.

Kei really didn't like dogs.
Not one bit, and he never had. 
Hmm I wonder why. 

"Shoo! Fucking get out of here!"
He shouted at the canine, hoping to startle him off in the very least. 
Kei, you idiot. I'm sure that'll work.
The dog might have let the rouge pass without so much as a snap… until, of course, he started to yell...

The felidae ran, the canidae charged:

Suddenly Kei found himself on the ground as he had tried to run, though the beast was far quicker. He felt the canine tear into his leg savagely and gave a cry of pain, attempting to fight him off from his compromised stance. With each attempt however he found himself losing more and more blood, pouring from his new-found injury, let alone the wound he had walked in with. His head had started to spin as he became light headed, his movements more and more disoriented as the blood loss took it's effect on him.

Still the canine's assault had yet to cease, a cry of pain coming from Kei as the once irritating injury was now inflamed with agony as the brute bit down upon it. 

Slowly, little by little, Kei's body was shutting down on him.
He felt his arms and legs less eager to assist him in his defense, his vision blurring until it would become practically none... His once pounding heart had slowed it's pulse to a steady halt as the blood around him pooled thicker and thicker, and he found himself as a meal to just another hungry dog on the street.

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