Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's Sixth Death

The rouge's ears would twitch as they listened to quiet footsteps far off, from some unseen source. As he walked through the theatre to inspect he was quiet as a ghost, hood pulled over his head as it was on most occasions. He stood upon the balcony on the opposite side of the theatre, the darkness blanketing his presence, for now.

The woman stood in the theatre's main hall, the felines around her meowling and carrying on at the prospect of getting attention from this newcomer, although she paid no attention. Wearing a trench coat that fell to her knees, the woman looked to be in her late twenties, just as he himself had been. Her hair was a black as that of a raven's wings, eyes blue. 

"Quite a place to find yourself in, this late at night."
Kei remembers stating as he stepped out, a knife in hand... he had decided that regardless of whether she would run or not, he would get rid of her just as he did to any others that had walked upon his old, rundown domain. 

Much to his surprise, the woman hadn't moved other than to match her steps forward with her own backward. She peered at the knife in his hand and looked back to where his eyes should have been.
"Funny, I expected a janitor." She muttered, not answering his question with some dry humor. 

Such an attitude... no one had ever given him that.
Most humans would have run at this point...
so be it.

At that, the demon came forward at a much quicker rate, threatening to put the knife through her. 

Much to his surprise, of all the scenarios that he had played out in his head, the end result hardly was one of them. He peered back in surprise as the woman took the stab, her eyes squeezed shut and her teeth clenched in pain... a frown spread across her face. As her eyes opened to a crimson color, hand jerking his away, as well as the knife.

Kei remembered the woman's words distinctly. 

"I don't fear death..."
"Because as far as I know, I cant die."

Her hand suddenly grasped the demon's throat like a vise, strength he hadn't expected from the 'human' he had once taken her for. Those crimson eyes stared him down once more before he was thrown, hitting the ground with a sickening 'crack' soon to follow.

A while after the demon woke up after his life had been taken, an aching pain in his back as the rest of him worked to heal. Holding his head he grunted. Eventually, he would see her hugging her knees and covering her face where she had once stood. A low snicker came from Kei, turning almost to laughter as his voice echoes out in a much more hospitable tone. 

"You and I... we aren't too different, are we...
although as far as I know, I can't stop dying."

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