Friday, October 21, 2016

Kei's Seventh Death


What is that sound, one might ask?
That is the sound of a pissed off monster.

The trees in which Kei had walked through on his way home to the theatre had been calm until the ground started to shake... his ears twitched some, and upon glancing back, they flattened against his skull. 

The behemoth stood at a striking 8'5'', helmet and weapon present, the outline of his body glowing a dim red. Beneath him the grass rotted and curled in on itself as it turned sickly.

Thump thump thump...

and it was CHARGING towards Kei.

Kei knew little of what, or WHY  for that matter,
but he was RUNNING.

Not bothering to look back he found himself at full sprint, though as he moved, the brute of a demon moved deceivingly fast despite its massive size. A sense of dread came over him, the closer he reached the rouge, he couldn't quite explain it... he only knew standing still right about now would lead to a road he didn't particularly want to go down.
Kei heard a wind coming towards him from behind, ears flicking... yet the surroundings were still, and had been for the last couple hours. When he glanced back, the brute's monstrous weapon had been swung at him, destined to cut him in half if he didn't move. Before he could think to act otherwise, the rouge ducked as the massive butcher's knife went just above his head, a 'CRACK'  heard as it embedded itself into a tree ahead of him... 

Kei didn't have to look back to know the monster was gaining on him.

Suddenly, it seemed the brute caught onto the slowness of his prey and came in angry and fast. He steps down on Kei's foot to keep him there ultimately crushing the bone and muscle. Snarling he is reaching down towards Kei to snag at his hair and scalp, to try and lift him up off the ground.
Kei gave a cry of pain as his foot was crushed, thrashing about as he felt the tugging on his hair and skull, though it was no use. As his head was pulled upwards he felt fear- and not the cheap kind he had made for himself over the years.

Kei's foot remained under Anubis' own, pulling him upright completely as the monster's chipped nails were felt digging into the lower part of his head. The brute grasped onto the first two spinal connections and then begins tugging, ripping the connection to the head and ripping the skin as his spine would start to give. 

As his nails dug in Kei gave a hiss of pain, and it only escalated from there. They soon turned into cries of pain, and as his spinal column began to give in, they were horrific, blood curdling screams. When his spinal cord had split with a wet, sickened ripping noise, it left his muscles spasming where the rest of him now hung from the monster's hand.

His screams would dwindle out into weak whimpers, until his jaw hung freely and the rest of his body made no further efforts to move. 

Due to the nature of Kei's seventh death, it was the one that proved most time consuming to heal from, leaving him there for hours. Aside from leaving massive scarring down his back, it also became another source of his nightmares.

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