Sunday, November 26, 2017

- A L I C E -

"I've made my decision. I'm going through with it, and as far as
I'm concerned I've had the best of 'em coaching me so far I'd trust you with the rest all the same."

 Who knew somebody could take a liking to this homicidal asshole? What started as the two crossing paths while she was hunting vampires in the city, ended up with curiosity getting the better of both of them. As Alice tried to decipher just what the hell he was, Kei was busy trying to figure out which screws were loose in that colorful head of hers. In the end, there was enough crazy between the two that they ended up calling it a truce and getting along. Thus, they managed not to kill one another... So maybe she has done that a couple times since. What's a grenade or a bullet to the head, anyways?

To a person that isn't all that used to keeping others around for long, he would admit that Alice ultimately is his closest known friend. She is also the Hunter in charge of his training to join the ranks in the Hunter Society as well. Kei agreed finally after her coaxing. By doing so, O'Malley pulled him out of a low point in his life. She offered him a higher purpose than he had otherwise on his own. For that he refuses to let her down. Needless to say, he's going to do his damned best to keep her around.

"Kei, there be two kinda hunters in the world. The good ones an' the dead ones. Dead is not really somethin' ya do well, but could give ya reason in some way why we do it. There's big and bads out there; someones gotta be there fer the little guys."

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